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School Council

Our School Council is made up from two representatives from each morning group in Years 1 and 2. Each group has to run an election to select two candidates to sit on the council for one year.

Before each meeting of the School Council a Class Council is held to discuss ideas to improve our school and raise money for different charities. After each School Council meeting the representatives report back to their class using the minutes from the meeting.

The School Council are also called upon to talk to visitors to the school and have been involved with interviewing applicants attending interviews for jobs in school.

Whales representatives for 2017-2018


Jack, Daisy, Klara & Evan 

Sharks representatives for 2017-2018


Sophie, Kai, Maisy & Harry

Fun ways we have raised money....

Our chosen charity - Remus

Each year the School Council votes on the charity that most of our fundraising is going to be for. In December 2015 the local animal charity Remus was chosen. The school council members went to visit the charity to choose an animal for each class to adopt.

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