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Foundation Stage - The Dolphins


Welcome to the Dolphin’s class page. We are the youngest children in the school and we are known as the Foundation Stage

The Dolphins are separated into two groups; Pink and Grey!

In the Pink Dolphins our teacher is called Miss Anderton and our teaching assistant is Mrs Harris. The Grey Dolphins are taught by Mrs Philp and our teaching assistant is called Mrs Satchell. Together they all work together to help us become effective learners.  

Our Environment

We have two large, bright classroom environments next door to each other each with our own toilets and hand washing facilities. Each room also has an interactive smart TV and three computers which are readily accessed.

We have different areas essential to ensure a well-rounded curriculum from an ever changing role play and writing area to a quiet snuggly area for story ready and other quiet activities.

Children at this stage in their school life are also required to have access to outside. We have a large outside classroom and access to a sensory quadrangle which can be accessed independently from our classroom doors. We use these areas throughout the day, working on various activities which have been planned for us or we have been inspired by.


Having classrooms close by and a shared outside classroom allows us to freely move around the environments engaging with all children and adults in the Dolphin's group. This supports our development of positive relationships and socialising with a wide variety of people extended by some of the Year 2 children coming to visit our class to share their reading books with us. 

The Curriculum

The curriculum for the Foundation Stage in our school reflects the curriculum guidelines to meet the Early Learning Goals. There are 7 ‘areas of learning and development’ broken into specific and prime areas:


  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development
  • Physical Development



  • Literacy
  • Understanding the World
  • Mathematics
  • Expressive Arts & Design

For more information on the content of these areas please click the link below. 


Our Topics

 Our year is split into topics, which all our activities and work will revolve around. This provides a cross curricular approach and enables a sound understanding of various subjects. To find out more about which areas of the curriculum we cover each half term click on the blue link to read our half termly letter which is sent out to all.  

Autumn 1 -

Settling into school life and Dinosaurs - Getting used to routines in class and around school, finding out about each other and our family life. We also celebrate the Christian festival of Harvest with a whole school assembly. 

Letter:  Autumn Term

Letter: Important information 

Letter: Reading together

Letter: Letters & Sounds

Autumn 2 -

Funnybones - Each week we look at a different aspects of the Funybones series of stories. During this time we also learn about the Hindu festival of Diwali, the Jewish fesitval of Hannukah and of course Christmas!

Letter: Numicon 

Letter: Letters & Sounds demonstrations

Letter: Ingatestone walk

Letter: Handwriting

Spring 1

Bears - Using the book 'Dear Polar Bear' we have learnt all about the Polar regions, sending letters around the world and the animals that inhabits these areas. 

Letter: Spring Term

Letter: Letter & Sounds groups

Spring 2 -

Red Riding Hood - We learn all about Little Red Riding Hood and the other characters in this story. We think about the time before the visit, the journey and being at Grandma's House. 

Letter: DB Primary launch letter

letter: At home learning


Summer 1 -

Space - 

letter: At home learning 2

Insert content here

Summer 2 -

People who help us - content coming soon

Letter: Summer Term 2nd half

Helping at home

As part of the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum it has been identified that accurate assessments of the children at the end of EYFS will take into account contributions from a variety of sources; the child, class teachers and you as parents and carers, also any other relevant adults (e.g. after school providers etc)

With this in mind for both the remaining and future academic years, we have chosen two different ways to find out about your child’s learning at home. 

Help at home book

At times we may pop an activity in this book that we feel would be beneficial for your child to practise again to reinforce the learning which has taken place in school. This book can be used to write in, attach photos or stick work in that has been done on something else (a whiteboard, piece of paper etc) Please ensure that this books stays in your child’s book bag so we can pop an activity in when there is the need.

A little comment from yourselves about your child’s understanding at home would be greatly appreciated, please include the date.

By working together with yourselves and other relevant adults we will gain a full picture of your child’s attainment in a variety of settings. We thank you in advance for your support and contribution. 

Wow moments

To continue to celebrate your child’s successes, please complete a ‘wow’ star whenever your child experiences a wow moment at home, this can be stuck into their help at home books ready to be shared with others. Wow stars are available to print off here, also feel free to take photos and make a comment.

Here are some ‘wow’ examples 

'Last week there were no flowers growing and now I can see some'

"When looking at a baby photograph of a friend Ben commented, ‘he looks tiny there, and now he has grown. He had dark brown hair like mine, now he has blonde hair’."

"When offered the choice of puddings Tilly explained that it would be healthier for her to have the fruit rather than the ice cream."

Please click the link below which will show you the early learning goals. These are the statutory assessments that we use throughout the year and will help you identify those 'wow' moments at home and whilst out and about. 

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