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The League of Friends

If you did your homework and read the school prospectus, you will know that the school’s League of Friends originates from a group of parents in the academic year of 1993/94.

Membership is FREE and AUTOMATIC!

Hello from us, we want to invite you all to participate and get involved. 

Our primary aim is to raise funds which can be used towards school activities and equipment that would not have been available through other funding channels. In recent years we have been able to purchase new reading books, provide funding for additional teaching during the pandemic and most recently the pupil road signs to mark the zig zag lines. LoF also funds activities such as the end of year leavers party, refreshments for country dancing, easter egg hunts, and theatre trips.

Easy ways for you to get involved are:

  • Visit us on social media - share, like and comment on our content.
  • Sign up for the school’s monthly lottery - LoF receives 40% of all ticket proceeds and you’re in with a chance of winning cash prizes.


  • Buy Stikins labels and avoid losing your child’s school uniform – LoF receives a commission for every purchase.

www.stikins.co.uk/name-labels          School number: 35538

  • Visit Uniformerly to purchase preloved uniform, and all proceeds go directly to LoF via PayPal.


  • Sign up to Easyfundraising and download their app, to provide % cashback to LoF on all your online purchases.


  • Come along to cake and sweet sales, treat yourself and your child.
  • Allow your child to participate in any events run within school hours, such as crazy hair or non-school uniform days.
  • Buy a raffle ticket or bid on our online auction.

If you would like to make a larger contribution:

  • Come along to one of our informal meetings, bring your thinking cap and think outside the box.
  • Each September we need Class Representatives to promote events within class groups and get everybody involved. 
  • Contribute towards events such as our annual Firework display or Christmas Bazaar – whether it’s an idea, a donation, volunteering at the event or persuading sponsors.
  • Join our League of Friends whatsapp chat - We really are open to seeing new faces, with ideas big or small.


Easter Bunny Visit 2022

The children were delighted when they got a visit from the Easter Bunny.  Our hopping friend wished the children a Happy Easter and the children were delighted with a hunt for a easter egg!  

Fundraising 2021

Fundraising at the beginning of the year had to look at little bit different! Whilst it was not possible to carry out all the lovely activities at school, the children found a fun way to raise some money with a little tribute to the events that the League of Friends hold throughout the year!

Spooky Hair

We came to school with our spookiest hair.

Booster Cushion - Christmas show!

Christmas Bazaar

What a lot of fun everyone had at the Christmas Bazaar!  The League of Friends got very creative with the chance to visit Santa in his grotto and a very popular snow globe!  The fun continued outside with opportunities to win lots of prizes and buy from the Christmas stalls.  The League of Friends managed to raise a magnificient £3,836.38 for our lovely school, a big thank you for your help and support!


A wonderful firework event was staged on a cold November Sunday evening and appreciated by a capacity crowd with tickets being sold out very quickly. There were lots of side shows to enjoy as well as a variety of food and drinks available all accompanied by great music. Our friends from the Fire Service were on hand should they have been needed but were happy for the children to explore their appliance. The event finished with a fabulous display!  The League of Friends managed to raise a mind-blowing £2,674.98!!  BOOM!


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   The League of Friends 



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