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Starting School


In normal circumstances we would have invited your child to attend a number of playdates in the lead up to September so that they may become familiar with the school environment, new peers that they will be spending their time with and the teachers in the Foundation Stage. 

Our transition into school this year will be as follows: 

  • Information provided by yourselves in the completed 'Journeying Together' booklets. These really help to provide an insight into your child so please don't feel that any information is 'irrelevant', it all goes towards helping us to understand your child. 
  • Phone calls made by the Foundation Stage teachers to the nurseries who have children attending our setting, liasing with staff and key workers who have prior knowledge of the children.
  • Nurseries are asked to complete a transition document, you can see details of this document here. Obviously we will be taking into account the Covid-19 pandemic and individual's attendance.  Assessments and notes made by these people are sent to the Foundation Stage class teachers.
  • The children will be introduced to their teachers and peers through our learning platform 'DB Primary'. Further details of this will be sent out via email and there is a sub-section contained in the part of the website. 
  • Dependent on guidance we may be able to offer playdates in July but we will keep you informed surrounding this, most likely after 21st June. 

Entry plans

Starting school dates - 2021

​​Previous years experience has shown us that by having staggered dates and times for each group of children; ensures that each child feels supported and secure to enter their new environment. By doing this it;

  • Helps to ensure smooth transition into a new environment, with new teachers and other pupils.
  • Does not overwhelm individuals.
  • Gives children the opportunity to support each other with every day routines etc.

Details of your child’s specific starting days will be provided once we have have finalised September plans in accordance with guidance form the local authority.  


General Information

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